Life as a Girl With Autism - 4 Things You Need to Know About Autism in Girls

Hollie Mabbott February 21st, 2021 7 minute read

Are you a girl who's been diagnosed with autism or thinks they may be on the spectrum? Do you not fit into the box of a 'typical' autistic person, commonly presented as a 'socially awkward male,' who is super obsessed with math, science, and... more »

Sia's Musical Film "Music" and the Harmful Portrayal of Autism in the Media

Ashley-Michelle Papon February 18th, 2021 12 minute read

Their partnership has been nearly a decade in the making. Sia, an Australian musical chameleon who spent years behind the scenes writing music for other performers, finally donned a too-large, two-tone wig when she was forcibly elevated from... more »

Special Education Challenges and Advice During COVID-19

Dr. Nihan Marun February 15th, 2021 6 minute read

While we all know that special education is a demanding and challenging process even during a typical year, we are now witnessing how much more difficult it can be for both families and teachers during the COVID-19 pandemic.   The coronavirus... more »

‘Not All Those Who Wander Are Lost’

Lucy Lawton February 4th, 2021 11 minute read

Not All Those Who Wander Are Lost -J.R.R Tolkein I’ll never forget the first time George went missing. He was six years old. We lived in a maisonette at the time with two sets of stairs and the bathroom on the second floor. I simply went to... more »

How to Navigate the Business World With a Disability

Linda Chase January 20th, 2021 5 minute read

How to navigate the business world with a disability. When you have a disability, it can sometimes be challenging to figure out your place in the world. Although there has been a ton of progress when it comes to making industries accessible, there... more »

Executive Function Skills and Autism

Beatrice Moise, M.S., BCCS January 18th, 2021 8 minute read

If you are reading this article, it is probably because you have been told by a professional that your child has executive function skills disorder or issues. This probably also means that you have a child with an Atypical brain, that Atypicality may... more »


Amy Nielsen November 20th, 2020 11 minute read

When my now five-year-old son was first diagnosed with Autism Spectrum Disorder, we immediately enrolled him in a thirty hour per week Applied Behavior Analysis (ABA) program. Our family was in chaos and all the research I had done and experts in the... more »

Autism Rage And How You Can Help

Erin Yilmaz September 8th, 2020 12 minute read

Autism Rage And How You Can Help by Anthonette Desire, MD Originally posted Sept. 3rd, 2020 on Adventures in Medicine, Autism, and So Much More Sounds easy enough. 5 steps to serenity. Right up until you are faced with it. This trance-like... more »

8 Great Books For Sensory Processing Issues in Autistic Individuals

Erin Yilmaz August 10th, 2020 3 minute read

8 Great Books For Sensory Processing Issues in Autistic Individuals is a list of our top picks of books that help children or adults identify and understand their sensory needs as well as tools and coping mechanisms they can use.  For more books for... more »


Erin Yilmaz July 29th, 2020 5 minute read

 This list, "9 of the Best Books Written by Autistic Authors", is made up of  some of the best books written by autistic individuals.  These are books that provide insight into the autistic mind, and have advice on successful living... more »