Unmasked Regards. A Letter to Jeanafer

Spencer Hunley May 3rd, 2021 9 minute read

Disclaimer: This piece does not apply to all parents nor all my friends. If you're worried it might, you can talk to me privately; I welcome such conversation, and the willingness to examine one's self after reading this letter is a significant sign... more »

Today is a New Beginning for the Exceptional Needs Community

Amy Tobik April 2nd, 2021 4 minute read

Today is a New Beginning for the Exceptional Needs Community By Amy KD Tobik   When I tell people I recently started my own business, they typically offer a wholehearted congratulations, followed by a polite, "Was that a good idea during a... more »

Hope For Parents And Families With Autistic Children: My Story

Angela Chapes April 2nd, 2021 16 minute read

My name is Angela and I have lived in Manhattan, Kansas, for 35 years. I have autism with co-occurring mental illness - anxiety, depression and OCD.  Mental illness affects a person’s behavior, thinking, feeling, moods, and ability to... more »

The Pros and Cons of Introducing Alternative Therapy to Your Child's Routine

Beatrice Moise, M.S., BCCS March 11th, 2021 8 minute read

When you hear the word alternative therapy, the imagery you may conjure up is probably a holistic approach. When I reference alternative therapy, I am talking about activities that neurotypical kids do year after year without even thinking about it... more »

Life as a Girl With Autism - 4 Things You Need to Know About Autism in Girls

Hollie Mabbott February 21st, 2021 7 minute read

Are you a girl who's been diagnosed with autism or thinks they may be on the spectrum? Do you not fit into the box of a 'typical' autistic person, commonly presented as a 'socially awkward male,' who is super obsessed with math, science, and... more »

Sia's Musical Film "Music" and the Harmful Portrayal of Autism in the Media

Ashley-Michelle Papon February 18th, 2021 12 minute read

Their partnership has been nearly a decade in the making. Sia, an Australian musical chameleon who spent years behind the scenes writing music for other performers, finally donned a too-large, two-tone wig when she was forcibly elevated from... more »

Special Education Challenges and Advice During COVID-19

Dr. Nihan Marun February 15th, 2021 6 minute read

While we all know that special education is a demanding and challenging process even during a typical year, we are now witnessing how much more difficult it can be for both families and teachers during the COVID-19 pandemic.   The coronavirus... more »

‘Not All Those Who Wander Are Lost’

Lucy Lawton February 4th, 2021 11 minute read

Not All Those Who Wander Are Lost -J.R.R Tolkein I’ll never forget the first time George went missing. He was six years old. We lived in a maisonette at the time with two sets of stairs and the bathroom on the second floor. I simply went to... more »

How to Navigate the Business World With a Disability

Linda Chase January 20th, 2021 5 minute read

How to navigate the business world with a disability. When you have a disability, it can sometimes be challenging to figure out your place in the world. Although there has been a ton of progress when it comes to making industries accessible, there... more »

Executive Function Skills and Autism

Beatrice Moise, M.S., BCCS January 18th, 2021 8 minute read

If you are reading this article, it is probably because you have been told by a professional that your child has executive function skills disorder or issues. This probably also means that you have a child with an Atypical brain, that Atypicality may... more »