7 Sensory Snacks for the Super Bowl

7 Sensory Snacks for the Super Bowl

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by Joanna Keating-Velasco, author or "A if for Autism, F is for Friend"

Whether you are an NFL football fan or not, pretty much everyone realizes when the NFL Super Bowl championship game is played. TV commercials and grocery store displays shout out this information in one way or another.  You and your children can have some sensory and fine motor fun while learning valuable life skills.

Even if you are not a football fan, there are sensational ways that you can celebrate this national tradition with your child.

Super Bowl Sensory Snack Sensation

One of my favorite parts about Super Bowl Sunday is enjoying all the snacks. Why not teach some valuable life skills by making entertaining Super Bowl snacks?  Garner some good ole sensory input and fine motor fun with these great recipes!  Each activity involves planning, internet searching, shopping, measuring, and cooking.  Don’t forget the value in learning the clean up by washing, drying and putting away the dishes.

Once a recipe is chosen via an internet search or from one of the ideas below, show your child which ingredients are already in your pantry and then create a written or visual grocery shopping list to find the additional ingredients you need at the store.

When the list is complete, head to the grocery store and have your child help select the needed items.

If your child is able, have him independently find the items in the store. If your child needs extra support, point him to the correct aisle or location and have him match the picture to the item. If your child is overstimulated in a noisy store, shop during quieter times.

After buying all of the ingredients, get your kitchen ready for a day of sensational cooking.


Football Cupcakes

Credit: Love & Butter

One fun and easy snack to make together is football cupcakes. Simply take a chocolate cake mix and have your child follow the instructions with you step-by-step. Once done, have your child help frost them in chocolate and then then use white frosting tubes to draw on the lace lines.

For more tactile sensory fun, make football cake pops.  With clean hands, have your child mix the frosting with the cake, after crumbing it.  Then mold it like play dough into the shape of footballs.  Dip in chocolate candy coating to complete.


Chex Party Mix

Credit: Chex.com

Another entertaining snack to make is the wide variety of Chex Party Mix recipes.  Kids love the ease of measuring these crispy snacks.  They enjoy the sensory input of the sounds the ingredients make when mixing them all together and the end result is an awesome oral sensory crunch!


Quarter Pups

Credit: Punchbowl

Quarter Pups are absolutely adorable!  These are a great finger food and making them provides fantastic fine motor fun! They are so easy to make too! Take a package of ‘lil Smokies, a jar of large pimiento-stuffed olives and some mustard to make these little football players.


Soft Pretzel Footballs

Credit: Hungry Happenings

Easy Peasy Soft Pretzel Footballs for good sensory play! These soft pretzel footballs are so easy.  Just pick up pizza dough from your supermarket bakery and have fun rolling into the shape of footballs.


Pig Skin Cheese Ball

Credit: Kraft

Pig Skin Cheese Ball is a wonderful sensory molding adventure.  Great tactile input!  Measure and mix all the ingredients and let little clean hands mold and shape the cheese into a football.  Let them roll the ball in the bacon bits too!


Football Bites

Credit: Gimme Some Oven

Football Bites – great activity that kids can partake in for this fine motor festivity.  Mom or Dad may have to cut the cheese – no pun intended.  Look for a football shaped cookie cutter.  Then little fingers can have fun stacking these yummy little snacks.


Chocolate Football Truffles

Credit: Just a Taste

Chocolate Football Truffles - Most must be done by adults but sensory seeking kids will love rolling the chocolate into football shapes.  Surely, kids will love licking their fingers when they are done!

There are so many facets of life skills that kids can learn – planning, shopping, cooking and clean up.  Have a sensational fine motor blast in the kitchen with your kids this Superbowl!

Share your favorite Superbowl recipe with us in comments.


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