About Us


Welcome to AAPC Publishing

AAPC Publishing is committed to publishing high-quality, inexpensive books for family members, professionals, and individuals on the spectrum. AAPC Publishing has provided affordable, easy-to-use, and easy-to-implement books about autism spectrum and related disorders since 1999. 

As a leading publisher of autism-related books globally with more than 200 titles published, AAPC Publishing continues to be driven by its mission: Embracing neurodiversity.

Meet our team




Serdar Marun is the President and CEO of AAPC Publishing. Serdar is also a Turkish-born American citizen who has three children and a wife. He goes to the gym often to stay active, watches soccer on TV occasionally (which he loves), and spends quality time with his family every day.


James Jones is the VP and Executive Director of AAPC Publishing. That's not all though - James also has four children and one lovely wife at home! On top of being an amazing father and husband, James is a notorious outdoorsman who loves to hike, fish and hunt in the vast wilderness.



Erin Yilmaz is a production manager of AAPC Publishing. Her responsibilities include managing the workflow for all books published by AAPC, including editing and designing book covers. She has two children and a husband who she spends her time with. Erin likes to spend her free time hiking, running, and reading non-fiction books.