The Pop It Sensory Fidget Toy

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The Pop It Sensory Toy is a fun and stimulating toy for both children and adults. This toy is designed to help improve hand-eye coordination and provide a fun tactile experience. The Pop It Sensory Toy is made up of small, colorful balls that pop when...

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Autism: Life in the Prism


Autism: Life in the Prism is one of the most thorough, detailed, insightful books of tips and advice for autistic individuals, their family and friends, and those who work with them. Written by a young woman with autism, this book has everything...

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Beeper's Obsession


A beautiful children’s story to help your kids understand autism and practice empathy. John is a loveable young autistic boy with an unusual obsession. He loves fire alarms – in fact, he loves them so much he points them out everywhere he...

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It Takes a Village


Discover how to build your village and raise your Special Needs child in a supportive, loving community. With an authentic and conversational tone, It Takes A Village is an inspiring book that seeks to illuminate the challenges that parents of...

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Living Outside the Box


New Release - Orders will ship Nov 15th. Out of the myriad of resources in the status quo for families facing a confirmation of an autism diagnosis, relatively few exist aimed at autistic children themselves. Fortunately, Living Outside the...

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