Older Autistic Adults, In Their Own Words: The Lost Generation
Older Autistic Adults, In Their Own Words: The Lost Generation

Older Autistic Adults, In Their Own Words: The Lost Generation

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The first of its kind, it is the result of the authors' original research- which examines the data retrieved from a survey given to 150 older autistic adults worldwide. The insight into the lives and experiences of these individuals from a time before support groups, school-based interventions, and even the autism diagnosis is important and fascinating. Combined with a brief history of autism, an overview of The Nine Degrees of Autism by Wylie, Lawson, & Beardon, in relation to older autistic adults, and personal stories from the survey's participants, this book is a must-read!




“This book draws you in like no other. It is poignant, joyous, informative, and authentic, all at the same time. It is a must read for all pre-service and in-service teachers working with neurodiverse students. The historical evolution of autism described in this book will be an eye opener for many. The voices of the lost generation of older autistic adults is extremely moving. It is powerful story telling at its best! Perhaps the most unique aspect of this book is the way stories and facts are woven together with global survey data from older autistic individuals to create an international tapestry of lives and experiences that is hard to forget.”  

Manju Banerjee, Ph.D., Vice President of Educational Research and Innovation, Associate Professor, School of Educational Research and Innovation, Landmark College

"What if you were invisible? What if people walked by you without really seeing you? And if they saw you, they could not understand you? For many autistic adults born before autism was a “thing” this had been the reality of life. “Quirky,” “different,” explorers in the world for which there are no maps, struggling and succeeding in their own ways. Now, through the magic lens of science, statistics, and stories, this book makes the invisible visible."  

About autistic adults, by autistic adults.

Ludmila Praslova, PhD, Professor of Psychology and founding Director of Graduate Programs in Organizational Psychology at Vanguard University of Southern California

"I must say, this was a pleasure to read! As an Autistic psychologist I was enthralled with this book, first page to last. Those of us 50 years and older grew up at a time with no parental or school-based interventions; we were left with unique, indelible, cohort-specific scars. This book fully describes our unique experience within a statistically rich, historical, & destigmatizing frame. The lived experience narratives were riveting. Finally, a book about 50+ Autistics written by 50+ Autistic adults! Honestly, I couldn’t stop reading- I read it in one day! Perhaps it being so personal. Bravo to you and your co-authors. Much needed work."

Dana Waters, PsyD, ABPP, Autistic Psychologist & Founder of The Autistic Women’s Advocacy, Knowledge and Empowerment Project (TheAWAKEProject.org), Core Faculty - Antioch University Seattle, School of Applied Psychology, Associate Chair - PsyD Clinical Psychology Program, APA Accredited

"Older autistics, their stories dormant and buried in layers of history, are woken to now take centre stage. Within the pages of this book, this lost generation of unheard voices break that silence. Their words enrich and help make sense of our present; giving access to our past lays a firm foundation for the future."  

Dr. Wenn B. Lawson (PhD) AFBPsS MAPS AASW

"...I got hooked reading it! I think it's a great book and wish it all the success. Here is my review:

OLDER AUTISTIC ADULTS, In Their Own Words: The Lost Generation is a must-read for anyone who wants to gain an understanding of what autistic people go through daily in their relationships, family, education and work. This insightful and enlightening book provides the reader with honest first-hand accounts from older autistic adults who share their personal and professional experiences of growing up in a world that lacked information and understanding about autism. OLDER AUTISTIC ADULTS is a hugely important resource and one that raises awareness and understanding among allistic people."

Kathryn Alevizos, co-founder of Acrobat-Global and co-author of Is That Clear? Effective Communication in a Neurodiverse World.



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SKU: 9161

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Wilma Wake has been a clinical social worker for over 40 years.  She has a private practice in Maine where she specializes in seeing autistic children, adults, couples and families.  She is also an ordained minister and has a D.Min. in feminist-liberation theology. She is committed to education, and has a Ph.D. in Social Foundations of Education. In her 60’s she was diagnosed with Autism Spectrum Disorder by a neuro-psychologist.  Since then she has devoted herself to learning about autism and finding ways to support other autistic adults. She is trained and certified as a neurodiverse couples’ therapist by AANE. [The Aspers/Autism Network]. She is co-facilitator of an Autistic Adults’ Support Group in Maine and offers workshops to support therapists in working with autistic adults.  

Eric EndlichPh.D., clinical psychologist and founder of Top College Consultants®, helps neurodiverse students worldwide transition to college and graduate school. Dr. Endlich is on the Learning Differences/Neurodiversity Committee of the Independent Educational Consultants Association (IECA), and was recently honored by IECA with a "Making a Difference" award for resources he provides such as an autism-friendly college list. He is also on the Clinical Advisory Board of the Asperger/Autism Network (AANE) and helped found AANE's Neurodiverse Couples Institute. He is the co-admin for a Facebook group, Parents of College Bound Students with Learning Disabilities, ADHD and ASD, currently numbering over 600 members. Dr. Endlich has presented nationally at numerous events including the Harvard Medical School Continuing Education annual autism course, the Southern Maine Autism Conference and the CUNY Neurodiversity Conference. He has written articles for Autism Advocate Parenting Magazine, Different Brains, CollegeXpress and LINK for Counselors. He has taught undergraduate and graduate psychology courses at Boston College, Tufts University, Suffolk University and UMass/Boston. Dr. Endlich has been interviewed by media including WGBH Radio, Forbes, Business Insider, College Confidential and U.S. News & World Report.  Lastly, he is an autism dad and an autistic adult.

Rob Lagos is a computer programmer analyst and statistician. He has a Bachelor of Science degree from UCLA majoring in chemistry and computer science. He has worked for many years as a programmer/analyst and developer for several institutions in the New England area. He served as a statistical consultant for Dr. Ramona Dvorak at the Joslin Diabetes Center, Harvard Medical School. He also tutored students from Harvard and Boston Universities in statistics, mathematics, and computer science. He has been the head facilitator for the Autistic Adults group that meets in Portland, Maine, for over 10 years. He has been a presenter of numerous talks and workshops dealing with autism. He is a virtuoso classical pianist and has taught adult piano students.



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