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Behavior Mapping

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A Visual Strategy for Teaching Appropriate Behavior to Individuals With Autism Spectrum and Related Disorders

Grounded in evidence-based practice, Amy Buie's Behavior Mapping is a groundbreaking way of motivating children to make good choices and learn new skills. Better yet, due to its visual nature, this simple-to-implement strategy is effective for a range of students, regardless of age and ability level. Supported by examples and real-life vignettes, four major categories of maps are presented: Consequence Maps, Complex Behavior Maps, Language Maps, and Problem-Solving Maps covering major classroom challenges. For ease of use, owners of the book may download Behavior Map templates.

Behavior Mapping Maker

Behavior Mapping Maker is the only web-based tool for making Behavior Maps for children with Autism and other developmental disabilities including those with emotional disorders. As a teacher, consultant or parent you can make an unlimited number of personalized Behavior Maps for the children you work with who are experiencing problem behavior. Behavior Mapping Maker allows you to make individual maps with a great selection of pictures that include some of the most common behaviors we see in children as well as common reinforcers used to teach new behaviors. In addition, Behavior Mapping Maker allows you to upload photos in order to make a Behavior Map that is individualized for a child’s particular interests. This way, you can ensure the success of each of the children you work with.

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We often underestimate the need for visual supports for individuals with higher functioning ASD. BEHAVIOR MAPPING provides a visual and structured framework that is easy to implement in any setting. The type of rationalization embodied in this strategy, which combines logic with outcomes, has been very effective and necessary in my practice for individuals with HF ASD. For example, the Problem-Solving Map, just one of many types of maps included in this book, is a visual tool that assists students in compromising - an important life skill. To be successful in adulthood, it is critical to be able to make good choices and understand the consequences of our actions, and BEHAVIOR MAPPING helps students develop those skills. This is a great resource for every teacher and parent.


As a special educator of students with autism and other developmental disabilities, I cannot recommend this book highly enough. The book presents ready-to-use ideas for how to handle challenging behaviors that work for students of all cognitive abilities. Using the special maps in this book has not only helped end meltdowns and tantrums for my students, it has also helped prevent them In addition, the Language Maps have improved my students' language use so much that I have begun using them in IEP goals. I highly recommend that all teachers and parents of students with autism and developmental disabilities invest in this valuable book!

--Linda Deposki, special educator, St. Louis, Missouri

I am fortunate to have benefited from Amy Buie's knowledge through both graduate courses and hands-on experience within my school building. The tools presented in this book can be used by students and adults with autism and language impairments to improve their communication and decision-making skills and to self-monitor their anger levels. Now seven years into my teaching career, I use multiple strategies that Ms. Buie has designed throughout the school day. She understands these students and how to improve their lives.

--Megan Moriarity, special educator


Amy Buie, MEd, BCBA, LBA, has over 20 years of experience working in the field of applied behavior analysis and autism. She is the founder and executive director of The Center for Autism Education, a not-for-profit agency specializing in challenging behaviors. Amy teaches courses in autism and behavior studies at the University of Missouri-St. Louis and presents at workshops and conferences. Her area of expertise is teaching reinforcement-based strategies with visual supports and working with students who have significantly challenging or explosive behavior due to mental illness (

ISBN: 9781937473822



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  • If I order the Behavior Mapping book do I also have access to the web-based programming? Thank you.

    Unfortunately, no.  You can subscribe to the program by visiting the Behavior Mapping website.

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