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In this one-of-a-kind collaboration with over 40 well-known professionals and individuals with ASD, this book has wisdom, humor, and a hefty dose of reality for autistic and non-autistic readers.

A moment-in-time book whose relevance will last. Discover strategies for thriving as society reopens after the pandemic while exploring the reflections of autistic individuals who are living through its aftermath.

Perfect for anyone on the autism spectrum—and those who support them—Life After Lockdown: Resetting Perceptions of Autism offers practical and thought-provoking plans for rebuilding social connections, returning to school, handling stress, and navigating a post-COVID world.

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ISBN-13: 978-1-956110-00-5
ISBN-10: 1-956110-00-3
Print Length: 250 pages
Dimensions: 6 x 9 inches
Publication Date: September 2021
Language: English
Publisher: AAPC Publishing

This book empowers individuals, families, and educators by providing proven strategies coupled with reflections on how society might connect and collaborate to best support autistic individuals across the lifespan.

Life After Lockdown offers answers and hope for individuals, families, and educators. Voices of more than 40 authors, including individuals with ASD, family members, and professionals, provide invaluable strategies and insightful stories. With chapters that both inform and inspire, Life After Lockdown provides practical advice but also addresses the deeper issues of respect, dignity, and the importance of providing everyone with the opportunity to build a meaningful life.  

Five sections include:

  • Becoming Social Again—Coping with the anxiety of reentering the social world while rebuilding valued social connections.
  • Back to School—Adjusting to the new health and safety requirements while rebuilding skills that may have diminished during a year of online school.
  • Adults in Transition—Unique perspectives from autistic adults, plus suggestions from professionals on how to navigate employment, higher education, and mental health issues.
  • Into the Community—The challenges of returning to both essential and pleasurable activities while coping with an unpredictable post-pandemic world.
  • Reboot—A deeper look through stories and reflections at how life after lockdown for people on the spectrum could be a moment of profound change.

Life After Lockdown: Resetting Perceptions of Autism is a book that can provide valuable help and inspire change by both empowering and inspiring us all to move forward.

Join the call to reset perceptions of autism—order your copy today!

Editorial Reviews

"Life After Lockdown is such a timely resource full of practical tips as well as meaningful and inspiring stories that describe peoples lived experiences both during the stay at home orders as well as during the periods of reopening. There is something in this book for caregivers, educators, professionals and people with autism. So many evidence-based practices described in very practical ways and links to additional resources where the reader can learn more. The usefulness of this resource will go far beyond this pandemic as a guide to assist with many of the things that individuals with autism, their caregivers and professionals may find challenging."

Patricia Schetter, MA, BCBA
Executive Coordinator

"Whether you’re a self-advocate, parent, educator, or medical professional, Life After Lockdown, Resetting Perceptions of Autism provides the positivity and energy needed to bring the autism community together during otherwise unpredictable times. This collection of 40 essays written by more than distinctive voices skillfully explores our new world as we attempt to return to post-pandemic daily life. From sensory issues and social struggles to anxieties and emotional health, Life After Lockdown uniquely presents the strategies and encouragement needed to move forward."

Amy KD Tobik, Editor-in-Chief, Exceptional Needs Today
CEO, Lone Heron Publishing

"Sharing our stories, experiences, and strategies is a time-honored way to help each of us make sense of, cope with, and learn from difficult times. Given the sudden onset of the COVID-19 pandemic and its ongoing global impact on humanity, particularly on autistic individuals, the many different points of view shared in this book assure readers they’ll find valuable information to inspire their own quest to understand themselves in the world as they learn to manage their feelings, emotions, actions, and reactions to meet their own goals, especially when life is unpredictable and unsettling."

Michelle Garcia Winner
Founder of the Social Thinking Methodology
Speech Language Pathologist, MA-CCC

“Many people feel queasy after being on a merry-go-round, not so much because of the continuous spin, but from the sudden interruptions in motion when others get on or off. They experience such stomach discomfort because their physical equilibrium has been askew.

“The prolonged COVID-19 pandemic has had the merry-go-round effect of throwing off many people’s mental and emotional equilibriums – especially those on the autism spectrum who may find ordinary, granular transitions difficult to handle. Not just daily routines, but entire life structures, have been altered, interrupted and, in many cases, removed altogether and replaced with lockdown edicts, Zoom gatherings and virtual instead of physical classroom routines.

Life After Lockdown: Resetting Perceptions of Autism provides a variety of perspectives from a slew of experts in the field whose narratives and perceptions restore much of that lost equilibrium. A thread that runs through this practical, compassionate and timely work is a sense of unity – that we’re all in this crisis together and have the power to double down on our best individual and collective wills to better prioritize our own values while reaching beyond ourselves to help others who are struggling because of the pandemic.

“I feel this book is a must-read for anyone still trying to find ways to cope with the health crisis, even – or perhaps especially – as we transition to a new normal that remains a work in progress.”

Sean Barron
Author and Journalist, The Youngstown Vindicator

‘This book is a wonderful response to a global event that challenged and united many of us. An event that caused many to rethink and re-evaluate what we know and what we needed to know about ourselves and about autism.

The book is full of useful knowledge and wisdom from an impressive collection of credible writers, thinkers, and individuals. As well as experienced and authoritative names, there are some that are new to me but in every section, there is valuable information and much to learn.

In my view, this outstanding resource will have a shelf-life way beyond the pandemic and our current experiences. I was particularly taken with how some skills and qualities, such as transitioning and resilience were highlighted and promoted. I suspect that I will find myself referring to it often and sharing it with individuals, families, and professionals.

The book may be entitled Life after Lockdown, but it is so much more.

Thank you to everyone involved, this is an essential book.’


Jim Taylor

Award-winning speaker and consultant

Chair of the Expert Advisory Body, Scotland, UK

"Life After Lockdown: Resetting Perspectives of Autism is the go-to book we all need now! Clearly written and well-organized, Life After Lockdown is chock full of clear information and easy to follow tips.   Individuals on the spectrum share their personal stories and insight on how they coped with the lockdown, and how they are now helping themselves navigate this new world after lockdown. Professionals and parents include useful advice that has helped them teach or support students or loved ones on the spectrum. Often when reading you may be reminded of a strategy you used before, long forgotten – but definitely needed in your toolbox now. Life After Lockdown is a great resource you will use often."


Chantal Sicile-Kira

Author of 5 books on autism and co-author of A Full Life with Autism