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Learn to Move, Moving Up!


Sensory, play-based and literacy instruction - all in one! Using the same easy-to-use format as her first book, Learn to Move, Move to Learn, Jenny Brack brings us a series of effective sensory-based activities for older school-aged children! These...

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It Takes a Village


Discover how to build your village and raise your Special Needs child in a supportive, loving community. With an authentic and conversational tone, It Takes A Village is an inspiring book that seeks to illuminate the challenges that parents of...

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Not Your Neurotypical Guy


Having a partner with ASD can feel like a roller-coaster ride for the neurotypical spouse - riding high one moment on the spouse's charming quirkiness, only soon to spiral downward, exhausted and discouraged, sometimes by the very same traits, which have...

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The Asperger Plus Child


91% of children with autism have co-occurring challenges.   In the book, The Asperger Plus Child: How to Identify and Help Children With Asperger Syndrome and Seven Common Coexisting Conditions - Bipolar Disorder Nonverbal Learning...

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