Parents and Teachers

It is Okay to Feel My Feelings


Help your child understand their feelings and express their emotions with rhymes, activities, and colorful pictures - A personalized book for your child.'It is Okay to Feel My Feelings' helps children to understand and express their emotions, in a safe...

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Social Learning Profile


A person's behavior is like a clue in a mystery story. It reveals, and it conceals. It leads, and it misleads. It speaks a variety of messages and serves a variety of purposes. It is affected by the situations in which it occurs, the response it...

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Social Detective Academy


A few years ago, Johnny Multony, transformed from not fitting into a socially savvy kid, started the first-ever social detective agency. He was hired by other students in his school for help with common interpersonal dilemmas, such as cliques, dealing...

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Make the task of teaching writing easy and fun! Strategies are appropriate for students K-12 and beyond. I HATE TO WRITE! Tips for Helping Students With Autism Spectrum and Related Disorders Increase Achievement, Meet Academic Standards, and Become...

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