Sensory Processing

Women on the Spectrum


Have you ever told someone that your social skills aren't excellent? What do they mean? Do you need practical tips for applying for jobs and attending interviews? Are you moving from home for the first time? What do you need to know to best equip...

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Learn to Move, Moving Up!


Sensory, play-based and literacy instruction - all in one! Using the same easy-to-use format as her first book, Learn to Move, Move to Learn, Jenny Brack brings us a series of effective sensory-based activities for older school-aged children! These...

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The Asperger Plus Child


91% of children with autism have co-occurring challenges.   In the book, The Asperger Plus Child: How to Identify and Help Children With Asperger Syndrome and Seven Common Coexisting Conditions - Bipolar Disorder Nonverbal Learning...

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Social Detective Academy


A few years ago, Johnny Multony, transformed from not fitting into a socially savvy kid, started the first-ever social detective agency. He was hired by other students in his school for help with common interpersonal dilemmas, such as cliques, dealing...

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Beyond Words


Our ability to understand nonverbal communication is essential for successful social interactions. If we don't know what is being communicated, how can we respond appropriately? In recent years, awareness has been raised concerning the importance of...

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