About Us

AAPC Publishing was founded in 1999 by Keith Myles and lead autism researcher, Brenda Myles, Ph.D.  The company was the result of a decision to self-publish a book on the topic of high functioning autism and difficult moments.  Since then, our company has been a cutting edge contributor of the best autism resources on the market to educational professionals, families, and individuals on the ASD spectrum.   You can be assured that each one of our books is research based, and written and reviewed by top autism researchers and people with ASD. We provide everything, from inspiring stories that promote empathy and understanding of autism, to tips and advice for parents on common issues and struggles, to tools and curricula for use in the classroom or other educational settings. 

Every year, we receive hundreds of book submissions and get a chance to work with incredible individuals from across the spectrum.  A book is one of the best ways to be heard and create change, and we take that to heart.  Having the opportunity to help give others a platform to share their voices and knowledge has been our privilege and we are in awe of our authors and all they have worked to accomplish!  Many of these individual’s books have gone on to become best-sellers or have helped spread cutting-edge information on how we think about autism.  As one of our amazing little authors said, “as long as one life has been changed, it will have been worth it.”  We agree with that!    

But that’s not all we do, every year, AAPC Publishing donates hundreds of books to schools, educators, universities, parents, and individuals with ASD. These gifts help to make ASD programs the best they can be and help individuals with autism reach their full potential.  Whenever you purchase from us, you can feel good knowing that not only are you supporting a small business, you are helping resources reach communities and individuals in need. 

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More about us:

Highest Quality - Our books are the highest quality. AAPC Publishing books are backed by research and written and reviewed by autism experts and people with ASD.

Accessible - Our books are affordable and in addition to our website (www.aapcautismbooks.com) and Amazon, they can be found in bookstores across the nation.  We accept purchase orders and also offer multiple payment options including Klarna.

Practical - Our books offer practical solutions that are easy to read, understand and implement.

AAPC Publishing is your first source for practical solutions for autism spectrum and related disorders.