Coronavirus Resources for Parents of Autistic Children

Coronavirus Resources for Parents of Autistic Children

Dear parents,

This first aid kit is intended to help your children cope with
negative emotions experienced during the Coronavirus
(COVID-19) outbreak. Exercises, which are in the first aid kit,
can be done together with your kids. These exercises are
suitable for children 5-12 years of age. If your kids are younger
than 5 years old, we suggest you guide them and explain the
directions in simple words. And the end of the booklet, you
can find information about how to tell your children about
the coronavirus, and how to answer their questions simply.

We wish you healthy & good days…

Clinical Psychologist Begüm Ayşegül UĞURLU
Clinical Psychologist Ece ERYILMAZ
Psychologist Ezgi GÜNDOĞAN
Clinical Psychologist Hazel Irmak ARAÇ


Thank you to the Global Child EMDR Alliance TR for letting us translate and share this resource with our community.