AAPC Publishing Celebrates New Book Release

AAPC Publishing is celebrating the successful book launch of "Expect A Miracle: Understanding and Living with Autism"


SHAWNEE, Kan., July 7, 2020 /PRNewswire/ -- "Expect A Miracle: Understanding and Living with Autism" is the 2nd edition release of the book formerly called "Expect A Miracle: A Mother/Son Asperger Journey of Determination and Triumph" by David Petrovic and his mother Sandy. The book follows the journey and relationship between mother and son and is told from two separate viewpoints and first-person perspectives.

The book will no doubt be welcomed by anyone on the autism spectrum or who wishes to understand autism in more detail, as it is filled with important tips and retrospective lessons about the challenges and experiences of living with autism or with a loved one who is autistic. David and Sandy share their trials and tribulations throughout the book, helping others to grow from their mistakes and successes.

On the book, Cynthia JB McGrae, J.D., M.A., Instructional Advisor at Notre Dame Collegesaid, "As an educator who works every day with atypical students, Sandy and David Petrovic'sbook Expect a Miracle, is a gift. The book contains a wealth of insights into the needs of my students as well as helpful strategies on meeting those needs."

Both David and Sandy share their deepest thoughts and emotions in the book, letting the reader truly immerse themselves in their experiences. Sandy's writing will no doubt strike a chord with other mothers reading the book, as she shares the love, pain, and anticipation of watching David grow up.

When speaking about the key messages of the book, David said "Don't settle for a life that people expect you to live because you have a disability. Go for the life you want."

The newest addition of "Expecting A Miracle" contains a brand new chapter about David entering the workforce. Gifting parents and caregivers around the world with more trial and error first-hand advice from the duo.

On the success of the book launch of "Expect A Miracle: Understanding and Living with Autism", a spokesperson for AAPC publishing said, "We are thrilled at the positive response we have received from this launch and are delighted we are able to help David and Sandy Petrovic share their story."

Since completing the book, David is working towards his master's degree in theology whilst Sandy is working as an instructional advisor at a college academic support center.

ISBN: 978-1-942197-49-2

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