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2018 National Parenting Products Award (NAPPA) Winner

Award-Winning Finalist in the Social Change category of the 2018 International Book Awards

Award-Winning Finalist in Psychology Category in the 2018 Book Excellence Awards

Stand by Me is a unique anti-bullying program that teaches student bystanders what to do when they see bullying happen. Designed and piloted in public schools, it provides simple training, ease of use, data for decision-making, and demonstrated effectiveness. Once trained, faculty sponsors provide ongoing training on participating campuses, so the program is easy to maintain despite personnel changes. In a few simple steps, Stand by Me teaches students when and how to intervene with the victims of bullying. The emphasis on the program is to assist the victim and ignore the bully. The structure of the program creates a school community where students who engage in bullying behavior and others with discipline history are given opportunities for leadership if they stay discipline free and participate in community service. They are broadly supported by their peers for doing so. There is a membership process, not to exclude students, but to ensure commitment on the part of those applying, and to invite the participation of parents and the student's community. The process of application is the beginning of training, teaching students to persevere and to speak up in unfamiliar situations. Student members engage in ongoing discussions of their experiences, collect data on their interventions, and submit both data and suggestions to administrators as a result of regular meetings with their sponsor. Administrators can then plan staffing patterns based on that data, and talk with students before patterns of behavior become severe. For schools, this is an inexpensive, self-sustaining, data-based program, that empowers students, involves parents, and has demonstrable success. Once students are trained, they act. In the four years of the pilot program, student members logged over 4000 interventions.

Editorial Reviews

I have used the The Stand By Me program! It is proven to give students a voice to empower them to act when they saw someone being bullied. The program was easy to implement and it was easy to find students who were willing to support others in their school community. For schools, this is an inexpensive, self-sustaining program that works!

--Debi Rogers Terrell ISD, Director of Special Education, 504 & Dyslexia Services

Dr. Cohen's dual background as a psychologist and public school autism coordinator shows through in this real-world curriculum for all students. Stand By Me's peer led program offers an immediate support system for students targeted by bullies, while at the same time empowering bystanders to act. Seeing the consequences of bullying in our schools today, this easily implemented program is a must have!

--Lisabeth Watson, founder & Chief Executive Officer - AEP Connection

I had the opportunity to work with Dr. Cohen during the initial phase of the Stand By Me program which was launched on several Terrell ISD campuses. The program focused on the bystander rather than the bully, a unique aspect that sets Stand By Me apart from all other programs that address bullying. Throughout program implementation, Dr. Cohen met with student participants to collect data which consistently reflected a decrease in bullying incidents. In addition, the program also made students, staff, and parents more aware of how critical it is for students who are bystanders to safely advocate for peers who become targets for bullying. I strongly recommend the program based on data outcomes at Terrell ISD.

--Pat Martin, Former Principal and Special Ed Director at Terrell ISD



Christine Cohen, Ph.D., L.S.S.P. is a licensed psychologist and licensed specialist in school psychology who provides contracted psychological services for public school districts through her company, East Texas Educational Contracting, P.C. A graduate of the Clinical Psychology program at the University of Texas Southwestern Medical Center’s Graduate School of Biomedical Sciences, she retired from Terrell ISD in 2014, after serving as their autism coordinator for 18 years. She currently lives in Dallas, Texas with her family. For more information, visit Dr. Cohen’s website at



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